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A disciplined approach.                                        

As you embark on building a powerful, lasting brand, our framework comprises 6 stages along the journey. This approach ensures long-term focus that builds brand value and equity.

Evaluate.  Define.  Develop Reach.  Build.  Strengthen.  

It’s flexible and adaptable to your needs.
You may or may not need every step in this process. Sometimes business situations, competitive pressures and market factors influence our short term focus and we have to go for the immediate impact! That’s ok. It’s a fluid process and the stages don’t always have to take place in the same order.

We go for the wins along the way.
This is certainly not a linear process. There’s not a beginning and an end. At every stage, there are wins that get you one step closer to your goal. We get short-term wins along the way, as we work towards the ultimate long-term knock-out win!      

And over time…we revisit the brand strategy to 

stay relevant.

In martial arts, when you attain black belt you’re not “done.” The motivation to improve your endurance and skills continues because there are nine degrees of black belt, and you can get better and stronger and more powerful. Such is the case for brand building.

Even when you have a Black Belt Brand, the process continues as you strive to keep your brand relevant and growing, as consumer attitudes and perspectives evolve.